Post Haste

What are you doing reading this? Seriously, go to your kitchen, find two pounds of fruit, and scroll down to the recipe. I’ve made it twice in as many days. I’m prepared to wager that this crumble is the nearest thing to fruit-dessert-perfection that I’ve ever made. It’s pretty clear from my recipe log on … More Post Haste

In search of autumn

I wrote a guest blog post for my friend Kate’s awesome blog Haricot! Her blog focuses on local, sustainable, New England eating, and while I don’t live in New England any more (::sob::), I have the same sorts of foods available here in the Midwest, and the same sort of appreciation for local, sustainable, farmers-market-centred … More In search of autumn

It’s a start

I’ve managed, in the past several days, to work my way from lying prone on the couch, sipping soup and running through entire boxes of tissue to having some ability to put together coherent thoughts, interrupted only by the occasional three-minute coughing fit. I guess I’ll call it progress—on the bright side, a hacking cough … More It’s a start


Stop reading. No, really. Turn off your computer, put on your shoes, and go to the store to buy some eggplant. You know you want to. Eggplants are like reverse ugly ducklings. Find a farmer with several varieties of eggplant, you might well be overwhelmed: small, pea-sized green ones; big, nearly black American ones; skinny … More Devilish

A real love affair

We were spared the heat dome that covered most of the country (and the news) last week—in fact, it’s been unseasonably cool in Southern California, with the overcast mornings and cool evenings more expected in the Pacific Northwest. However, when I saw a recipe for cold noodles with sesame sauce, I couldn’t help myself. I just … More A real love affair

Then and now

When I was growing up, my family spent every summer visiting my grandparents in Washington and Oregon. Growing up in Alaska, the quality of our produce relied on the vagaries of the few airlines that came into the city. The Pacific Northwest, however, benefits from abundant winter rains and long hours of sun (or at … More Then and now

Not going to wait

Spring seemed oddly short this year. It seems that I only made asparagus a half-dozen times before they became thick and woody, and shelling peas were wrinkled and sad almost before they were good enough to buy, and my beloved fava beans were huge and starchy before June came along. Now, though, is the time … More Not going to wait

From the dead

I didn’t mention it last week, but happiness is also being able to breathe and smell properly. Leave it to me to go all winter without so much as the sniffles, only to get a summer virus that wouldn’t let go. A box of tissues and 873 cups of tea later, I actually feel human. … More From the dead

Mushy and delicious

Something strange has happened. Yesterday, I went to the market to buy peas, greens, and strawberries. I also a bought cherries. Cherries! Generally my signal that summer has begun, this year they’ve appeared, plump, juicy, and flavorful, mid-May. While I’m not sure where they came from, and they’re a welcome treat after a difficult past … More Mushy and delicious