Well, hello, blog. It’s been a while. It’s been far longer than I intended, but when Major Life Stuff intervened, I thought it would be better to just take a break entirely and wait until I was able to hit the reset button on my life before I started back up. Frankly, you didn’t miss … More Resolved

Wild America

Los Angeles has much more wildlife than most people (even Angelenos) would believe. I see raptors at least a couple times a week on light poles overlooking the freeways; deer, rabbits, and rattlesnakes are commonplace in the hills; raccoons wander along the sidewalks at night; I once even saw a brief glimpse of a coyote … More Wild America

As promised

As promised, a marathon recipe ensues, I warn you. Best made over two days, these desserts are tasty enough to be worth the effort (once in a while, at least), and interesting enough to be a show stopper after a nice meal. While not the most scintillating activity in the kitchen, it is possible to … More As promised


It’s been a few weeks since I made a dinner that filled me with excitement. Oh, I’ve had eagerness to eat certain meals (my first falafal in over six months), and happiness with the fast-yet-perfect nature of my favorite pasta dish, but I haven’t had those moments of trying something new with the vaguest idea, … More Heady

First time’s a charm

I’ve never seriously thought about going to pastry school—it’s always been a pie-in-the-sky idea for an idyllic early retirement after some happy accident left me independently wealthy. I’ve always known that I don’t have the temperament to be a chef, and pastry is no exception. Sometimes, though, a glance in the window of a particularly … More First time’s a charm

A little bit of glamour

Save two meals of delicious cabbage-and-noodle soup from a local Chinese restaurant, I don’t think I’ve eaten anything beyond toast, cheese sandwiches, and pasta for the past two weeks. Thank goodness for homemade pesto, frozen by the tablespoonful in the summer and gathered into big bags. It was hard work not eating all of it … More A little bit of glamour