Post Haste

What are you doing reading this? Seriously, go to your kitchen, find two pounds of fruit, and scroll down to the recipe. I’ve made it twice in as many days. I’m prepared to wager that this crumble is the nearest thing to fruit-dessert-perfection that I’ve ever made. It’s pretty clear from my recipe log on … More Post Haste


It’s been an interesting month. Between the neverending panic that I feel when I look at the news and the similarly-paralyzing fear that sets in when I try to write my dissertation, I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to figure out what I need, and how to get it. I’ve instituted evening moratoria from the … More Well-hydrated

Good things

This is the month when the foodie corners of the internet are flooded with vegetable side dishes. Sautéed, braised, and roasted, November is the month when we try to offset all the butter and carbs of Thanksgiving with root vegetables and brussels sprouts. Given my wholehearted love of vegetable side dishes (and my constant attempt to … More Good things

In search of autumn

I wrote a guest blog post for my friend Kate’s awesome blog Haricot! Her blog focuses on local, sustainable, New England eating, and while I don’t live in New England any more (::sob::), I have the same sorts of foods available here in the Midwest, and the same sort of appreciation for local, sustainable, farmers-market-centred … More In search of autumn

A long time coming

Back last spring, my sister and her stepdaughter Malia needed to go to Palm Springs … for a cheerleading competition. Setting aside the fact that I saw more glittery eyeshadow that weekend than in the rest of my life combined, it was a fantastic weekend. Palm Springs is an odd little place. There are lots … More A long time coming


Well, hello, blog. It’s been a while. It’s been far longer than I intended, but when Major Life Stuff intervened, I thought it would be better to just take a break entirely and wait until I was able to hit the reset button on my life before I started back up. Frankly, you didn’t miss … More Resolved

No regrets

It’s that time of year again. The time when I make big batches of pesto, fill my freezer with fish and blueberries, stock my pantry with canned peaches and (if I’m lucky) tomatoes, and consequently, find myself trying desperately to use the last of the previous summer’s precious haul. Most recently, it’s been blueberries. Good … More No regrets

Not going to wait

Spring seemed oddly short this year. It seems that I only made asparagus a half-dozen times before they became thick and woody, and shelling peas were wrinkled and sad almost before they were good enough to buy, and my beloved fava beans were huge and starchy before June came along. Now, though, is the time … More Not going to wait

From the dead

I didn’t mention it last week, but happiness is also being able to breathe and smell properly. Leave it to me to go all winter without so much as the sniffles, only to get a summer virus that wouldn’t let go. A box of tissues and 873 cups of tea later, I actually feel human. … More From the dead

As promised

As promised, a marathon recipe ensues, I warn you. Best made over two days, these desserts are tasty enough to be worth the effort (once in a while, at least), and interesting enough to be a show stopper after a nice meal. While not the most scintillating activity in the kitchen, it is possible to … More As promised