Things are … busy? overwhelming? exhausting? Yes. Mid-semester is best served with a Boulevardier. I was in denial through a warm and humid September and early October. As I waited in vain for my beloved crisp days and the crunch of leaves under my feet, all I can think about are soups and stews and … More Well-begun

Post Haste

What are you doing reading this? Seriously, go to your kitchen, find two pounds of fruit, and scroll down to the recipe. I’ve made it twice in as many days. I’m prepared to wager that this crumble is the nearest thing to fruit-dessert-perfection that I’ve ever made. It’s pretty clear from my recipe log on … More Post Haste

Food hangovers are the best hangovers

I’m still recovering from Thanksgiving—though if I’m honest, most of my recovery is about getting accustomed to leaving my house again. There is nothing like hectic travel and winter-storm-delay worries to keep me holed up in my house, bundled in sweats, cuddling with cats, and eating leftovers until my fridge is empty again. I don’t … More Food hangovers are the best hangovers

Last gasp

One of the most frustrating—and also exciting—aspects of seasonal produce is its unreliability. One summer you may be waiting weeks for that first perfect apricot; the following spring, you may find tender baby asparagus weeks before you expect them. I love the seemingly endless parade of citrus varieties throughout the winter, but I’m particularly happy … More Last gasp

Half-Oatmeal Pancakes

Half-Oatmeal Pancakes Adapted heavily from Cooking with Gourmet Grains (aka “The Stone-Buhr Cookbook”) Note: I often replace ½ to 1 cup of the unbleached flour with wheat flour, and I like them even better that way. Note (April 2012): I have added weights in for those who may prefer using a scale. I do still … More Half-Oatmeal Pancakes