Mushy and delicious

Something strange has happened. Yesterday, I went to the market to buy peas, greens, and strawberries. I also a bought cherries. Cherries! Generally my signal that summer has begun, this year they’ve appeared, plump, juicy, and flavorful, mid-May. While I’m not sure where they came from, and they’re a welcome treat after a difficult past … More Mushy and delicious

Bait and switch

I have pictures, and I have a recipe … unfortunately, they don’t match. I went to an Easter party on Sunday: just a small get together of (mostly) family. A turkey was dragged out of the freezer and deep-fried, ribs duly oven roasted, macaroni and cheese baked (smoking oven optional). I was asked to bring … More Bait and switch

She’s back

Better than ever? Time will tell. My continued descent into internet obscurity was not entirely my choice. I have been cooking, but for weeks I’ve been trapped in a cycle of pasta, simply dressed with tomato sauce or aglio e olio; grilled cheese sandwiches; and nachos. I did make desserts twice—one was a Very Secret … More She’s back