Short and sweet-tart

Were you thinking, perhaps, that cranberry sauce wasn’t worth the effort this year? That the recipe on the back of the bag didn’t turn out much better than a can, or that the solid mass of ribbed, jellied sauce that slurps out of the can would make up for what it lacks in pure amusement … More Short and sweet-tart

Crab Canapés

Cold Crab Dip Inspired by Jerry’s Meats Note: if you choose to use artificial crab, please take a look at the ingredients and buy the most environmentally-friendly variety you can find. Many varieties of articifical crab are made with overfished or farmed varieties; Wild Alaskan Pollock is a good-tasting, well-managed fish (listed as a “good … More Crab Canapés

Salsa Romesco

Salsa Romesco Romesco can be served with seafood or grilled vegetables (green onions are traditional) – I adore it tossed with some additional olive oil on hot linguine or fettuccine. 3 large red bell peppers ¼ cup raw almonds ¼ cup raw hazelnuts ½ cup olive oil, plus additional for drizzling 1 guajillo chile or … More Salsa Romesco


Chilaquiles Serve these with scrambled eggs and frijoles for a savory, filling brunch or lunch. Accompany with guacamole, crema mexicana*, salsa, and thinly sliced cabbage. 12 corn tortillas, preferably stale, cut into 1 inch strips or large wedges mild oil for frying 6–8 dried guajillo chiles 2 large roma tomatoes 3 cloves garlic, peeled and … More Chilaquiles

Cherry Clafoutis

Cherry Clafoutis adapted from the Larousse Gastronomique Some recipes recommend cooking the cherries with a little bit of sugar before putting them in the pie dish; I think that would have resulted in overcooked cherries, but it might be necessary if your cherries are not nice and sweet. Also, feel free to pit your cherries … More Cherry Clafoutis