An epiphany

I had an epiphany the other day, and it involved broccoli. No, really. It’s taken me a while to come around to broccoli. While I wasn’t the pickiest of eaters as a kid, I didn’t have much of a taste for green vegetables. My mother and grandmother would typically make me have a full serving … More An epiphany


Stop reading. No, really. Turn off your computer, put on your shoes, and go to the store to buy some eggplant. You know you want to. Eggplants are like reverse ugly ducklings. Find a farmer with several varieties of eggplant, you might well be overwhelmed: small, pea-sized green ones; big, nearly black American ones; skinny … More Devilish

A real love affair

We were spared the heat dome that covered most of the country (and the news) last week—in fact, it’s been unseasonably cool in Southern California, with the overcast mornings and cool evenings more expected in the Pacific Northwest. However, when I saw a recipe for cold noodles with sesame sauce, I couldn’t help myself. I just … More A real love affair

Wild America

Los Angeles has much more wildlife than most people (even Angelenos) would believe. I see raptors at least a couple times a week on light poles overlooking the freeways; deer, rabbits, and rattlesnakes are commonplace in the hills; raccoons wander along the sidewalks at night; I once even saw a brief glimpse of a coyote … More Wild America

Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff Serve over egg noodles or rice; this would also be great with roasted potatoes, and I can see it pairing well with a parsnip purée, too. Dried porcini mushroom flour can be found at various gourmet food stores, and it adds some rich flavor to the sauce; alternatively, you could finely chop/blend another … More Beef Stroganoff