Things are … busy? overwhelming? exhausting? Yes. Mid-semester is best served with a Boulevardier. I was in denial through a warm and humid September and early October. As I waited in vain for my beloved crisp days and the crunch of leaves under my feet, all I can think about are soups and stews and … More Well-begun

Food hangovers are the best hangovers

I’m still recovering from Thanksgiving—though if I’m honest, most of my recovery is about getting accustomed to leaving my house again. There is nothing like hectic travel and winter-storm-delay worries to keep me holed up in my house, bundled in sweats, cuddling with cats, and eating leftovers until my fridge is empty again. I don’t … More Food hangovers are the best hangovers

Better than medicine

Sometimes I think I should have named this the Blog of Ugly Food. Chilaquiles; Split Pea Soup; Baingan Bharta; and now Lentil-Sausage Stew. I last made this soup a few weeks ago, but I’ve spent the past three days huddled on my couch with the mother of all chest colds. While I’ve been eating little … More Better than medicine


I like to imagine that someday, somewhere, I will have enough land to have a proper garden. Rows of tomatoes, long beanpoles, cucumbers big and small grown for various pickles, a fruit tree or two. Until then, I just have to satisfy myself with my little starter garden on our patio. Every year we try … More Tart-maggedon

A real love affair

We were spared the heat dome that covered most of the country (and the news) last week—in fact, it’s been unseasonably cool in Southern California, with the overcast mornings and cool evenings more expected in the Pacific Northwest. However, when I saw a recipe for cold noodles with sesame sauce, I couldn’t help myself. I just … More A real love affair

She’s back

Better than ever? Time will tell. My continued descent into internet obscurity was not entirely my choice. I have been cooking, but for weeks I’ve been trapped in a cycle of pasta, simply dressed with tomato sauce or aglio e olio; grilled cheese sandwiches; and nachos. I did make desserts twice—one was a Very Secret … More She’s back