New Adventures

There are things a-brewin’ in the Procrastikitchen. For one thing, I have a mostly-written recipe for potato and cheese vareniki, little Russian vegetarian dumplings that are so easy to make that you will want to make a whole tray of them, like I did, so that you can pluck a handful out of the freezer … More New Adventures

Food hangovers are the best hangovers

I’m still recovering from Thanksgiving—though if I’m honest, most of my recovery is about getting accustomed to leaving my house again. There is nothing like hectic travel and winter-storm-delay worries to keep me holed up in my house, bundled in sweats, cuddling with cats, and eating leftovers until my fridge is empty again. I don’t … More Food hangovers are the best hangovers

Good things

This is the month when the foodie corners of the internet are flooded with vegetable side dishes. Sautéed, braised, and roasted, November is the month when we try to offset all the butter and carbs of Thanksgiving with root vegetables and brussels sprouts. Given my wholehearted love of vegetable side dishes (and my constant attempt to … More Good things

As promised

As promised, a marathon recipe ensues, I warn you. Best made over two days, these desserts are tasty enough to be worth the effort (once in a while, at least), and interesting enough to be a show stopper after a nice meal. While not the most scintillating activity in the kitchen, it is possible to … More As promised

Short and sweet-tart

Were you thinking, perhaps, that cranberry sauce wasn’t worth the effort this year? That the recipe on the back of the bag didn’t turn out much better than a can, or that the solid mass of ribbed, jellied sauce that slurps out of the can would make up for what it lacks in pure amusement … More Short and sweet-tart

Raise your glass

Are you planning a feast of some sort this Saturday? I know I am. Roast turkey (I contemplated goose for a day or two); dressing with homemade pork sausage and apples; Mike’s fantastic, rich, and rustic mashed potatoes; braised pearl onions; roasted carrots & parsnips; the essential cranberry sauce with tangerines, almonds, and star anise; … More Raise your glass