I’m taking a well-earned rest today. The past two weeks of work have been maddening, but the madness ended yesterday! For the next couple months, my life will be unmitigated insanity, but very little of that will be coming from work. Will that result in this blog getting a bit lively again? Only time will … More Well-earned

It’s a start

I’ve managed, in the past several days, to work my way from lying prone on the couch, sipping soup and running through entire boxes of tissue to having some ability to put together coherent thoughts, interrupted only by the occasional three-minute coughing fit. I guess I’ll call it progress—on the bright side, a hacking cough … More It’s a start

Half-Oatmeal Pancakes

Half-Oatmeal Pancakes Adapted heavily from Cooking with Gourmet Grains (aka “The Stone-Buhr Cookbook”) Note: I often replace ½ to 1 cup of the unbleached flour with wheat flour, and I like them even better that way. Note (April 2012): I have added weights in for those who may prefer using a scale. I do still … More Half-Oatmeal Pancakes