It’s a start

I’ve managed, in the past several days, to work my way from lying prone on the couch, sipping soup and running through entire boxes of tissue to having some ability to put together coherent thoughts, interrupted only by the occasional three-minute coughing fit. I guess I’ll call it progress—on the bright side, a hacking cough … More It’s a start


There’s something to be said for simultaneous refreshment and frustration. After a fantastic 10 days visiting my parents (and an old friend from high school), I returned home, only to contract a nasty virus on the plane ride home. I limped my way through the short week at work and am sniffling, coughing, and sneezing … More Jiggedy-jog

No regrets

It’s that time of year again. The time when I make big batches of pesto, fill my freezer with fish and blueberries, stock my pantry with canned peaches and (if I’m lucky) tomatoes, and consequently, find myself trying desperately to use the last of the previous summer’s precious haul. Most recently, it’s been blueberries. Good … More No regrets


Stop reading. No, really. Turn off your computer, put on your shoes, and go to the store to buy some eggplant. You know you want to. Eggplants are like reverse ugly ducklings. Find a farmer with several varieties of eggplant, you might well be overwhelmed: small, pea-sized green ones; big, nearly black American ones; skinny … More Devilish