First time’s a charm

I’ve never seriously thought about going to pastry school—it’s always been a pie-in-the-sky idea for an idyllic early retirement after some happy accident left me independently wealthy. I’ve always known that I don’t have the temperament to be a chef, and pastry is no exception. Sometimes, though, a glance in the window of a particularly … More First time’s a charm

A little bit of glamour

Save two meals of delicious cabbage-and-noodle soup from a local Chinese restaurant, I don’t think I’ve eaten anything beyond toast, cheese sandwiches, and pasta for the past two weeks. Thank goodness for homemade pesto, frozen by the tablespoonful in the summer and gathered into big bags. It was hard work not eating all of it … More A little bit of glamour

Karma chameleon

There are several things I can say about Indian cuisine, chief among them that it is, almost without exception, both delicious and unphotogenic. Through some mysterious alchemical process stews and braises, purées and fritter, unwanted cuts of meat and boring winter vegetables alike are saved from ubiquity with a deft addition of chilies, ginger, and … More Karma chameleon


I learned a few things over the past two days. 1. Access to cheap, fresh vegetables after my neighborhood market has been closed for 10 days inspires a frenzy in me similar to a pre-teen at a Jonas Brothers Concert. 2. It is exceedingly difficult to cut garlic into a fine julienne when one’s hands … More Discombobulated